CMTO Creative Time Capsule 2017
Welcome to your personal Creative Time Capsule for 2017. Your opportunity to send a virtual high-five to your future self. In our hectic day-to-day lives, it can sometimes feel like a whole year passes in an instant. What if we could take a snapshot of ourselves in a specific moment in time reflect back a year later? Craft your answers to the questions below and we'll store them until December 2017. At the end of the year, you'll receive your capsule via email. Here's to your best year yet!
Personal Goals 2017

How would you like to grow in your personal life? More travel? More me time? More collaborations? List 1 or 101 things. You got this.
Professional Goals 2017

How would you like to grow professionally in 2016? Eyes on the promotion prize? Time for a career pivot? Taking your side hustle to the main stage? List 1 to 101 things.
This year I want to do ______ for my community.

Big or small, anonymous or loud and proud – how are you connecting this year with those that matter to you?
By the end of 2017 I want to have started to develop this creative skill....

The one thing I could do to make 2017 a success is:

Lets narrow our focus, what's your one big hairy audacious goal for this year. Remember, if your dreams don't scare you, they probably aren't big enough. We believe in you!
One relationship I’d like to nurture in 2017 (personal and/or professional)

The one idea I'm obsessed with is...

I'm happiest when...

What brings you the most joy these days?
My favourite resource right now is...

Is there a blog you can’t live without? A practical tool you can’t get enough of?
Right now I'm reading...

My favourite song right now is...

My favourite meal is...

Dear future self,

When you look back at 2017, what’s one question you’d like to ask your future self a year from now?
Any predictions for the future?

In 2017 I want to explore...

Destination unknown - where will your adventures take you this year?
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