As we get set to kick off 2017, we're looking to you for thoughts on ways we can improve. Your input means the world to us and will help shape CMTO in the year to come.
Let's do this!
How many CMTO events did you attend in 2016? *

Who were your favourite CMTO speakers in 2016? *

Who would you love to see speak in 2017?

Nominate your favourite Toronto-based Creatives!
Sometimes our talks feature little extras like giveaways and activities, we’re curious what you were into... *

Do you follow us on our social media channels? *

If yes, which ones?

What do you enjoy about any of our channels? What could we do better? Are there any channels we aren't on that you'd like to see us on?

We’d love to know if attending CreativeMornings has made an impact on you? If it has, please tell us how

What do you love about CMTO events?

What could we do better?

Be honest.
One of the pillars of the CreativeMornings manifesto is: “Everyone is Welcome” how do you think we can make our events more inclusive and diverse?

CreativeMornings Toronto is a free event made possible by sponsorship. Would you be willing to recommend a potential sponsor? If yes, who?

CreativeMornings Toronto is run entirely by volunteers. Have you ever thought about volunteering with us? If yes, how would you be interested in contributing?

What did we miss?

Any burning questions/comments/suggestions you want to share with us? We're all ears!
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